"An experiencial workshop is like the first kiss, you will never forget" - Arturo Paredes

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We are dedicated to design, manage and implement innovates and creatives etrainings based on Experiential Education, where we seek to take full advantage of the participants in each experience through the discovery of their fears, their strongest motivations and the best version

The Experiential Education
The Millennium Secret

It has been proven through the experiences we live, people can remember better over time. This educational method allows us to interact permanently between action and reflection, which favor the possibility of generating positive changes.

Meta Training®

This is one of the methodologies we use, where the metaphor plays the main role; With its application we seek to touch the creative part of the brain, which is connected to our inner child. The metaphor is the window to a new world of learning.

Experiential Workshops

Team Building

Workshops that take place outside the workspace where we look for teams to improve interpersonal relationships and release the tension of day to day from a set of playful activities that will lead to team cohesion through fun.

Team Coaching *April 2018

Indoor training sessions where we support high performance teams to overcome the crises in which they find themselves. We become a mirror to reflect the reality of each team based on their strengths and weaknesses.


Workshops focused on specific areas of interest, where specific aspects are worked on; from the use of intuitive skills to create profound changes, to the care of the professional image and the management of customer service.


These are the designed workshops that we offer for each experience

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